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3-D Dynamic Scanning System

As a perfect combination of post-objective scanning system and motorized translator, 3-D dynamic scanning system has been widely used in modern laser processing realm (cutting, marking and 3D prototyping, etc.) because of its many advantages.

In a traditional pre-objective scanning system, the scanning mirrors are placed before the focusing objective lens like f-theta scan lens and telecentric scan lens. A flat focal plane is obtained at the focus position of the objective lens. This system is advantageous in cost and scanning speed, while both its scanning field size and spot size are limited heavily by the lens design.

Different from the pre-objective scanning system, in a 3-D dynamic scanning system, the scanning mirrors are placed after the objective lens. This lens system is made of a movable expanding lens and focusing lens unit. The laser beam first enters an expander lens; the expanded beam will enter the focusing lens unit, then go through the scanning mirrors and reach the focal plane finally. Moving the expander lens with a motorized translator induces the change of the distance between the expander lens and the focusing lens, which makes the focused laser spot move within a two or three-dimensional space, so called “3-D scanning”. Although this system has a curved focal plane unlike the pre-objective system, the filed flattening can be accomplished by slight adjustments in the distance between the expander lens and the focusing lens unit, in real-time, as the scanners direct the beam across the scan field.

A 3-D dynamic scanning system normally offers the following advantages:

Currently, we supply the 3-D dynamic scanning systems for CO2 laser(10.6µm), Nd:YAG laser(1064nm) and UV laser(355nm). More products are ongoing.