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Achromatic Telecentric Scan Lens


When a vision system is being integrated into laser machining system, our achromatic telecentric scan lenses are colour-corrected between working wavelength and vision wavelength. the achromatic telecentric scan lens offers the benefits as same as the normal telecentric lens yet able to provide accurate vision positioning function. It is very useful for online inspection systems where the operator does not need to have offline inspection on the work piece.

Telecentric Scan lens Telecentric Scan lens


Part No. EFL (mm) Scan Field (mm) Input Beam (mm) Focus Spot Size (um) Scan Angle (±°) Thread M1-M2 WD (mm) Window Size Wavelength (nm)
TSL-1064-660-60-163 163.0 60x60 15.0 16.5 15.0 M85x1 31.00 108.9 106x3 1064/660
TSL-355-635-50-120 120.0 50x50 6.0 15.0 16.5 M85x1 13.00 85.4 80x2 355/635
TSL-532-635-50-120A 120.0 50x50 15.0 8.6 17.0 - 20.00 52.0 120x2 532/635
TSL-532-635-60-150A 150.0 60x60 15.0 9.8 17.0 - 22.10 79.5 120x2 532/635
TSL-808-635-70-163 163.0 70x70 14.0 17.5 25.0 M92x1 19.20 99.6 122x3 808/635


Remark: The spot size is simulation result, it does not reflect the actual spot size on workpiece as the simulation does not consider the material properties and how the laser being absorbed during machining.