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F-theta Scan Lens for CO2 laser - Triple elements made of ZnSe


SL3 Series F-Theta scanning lenses consist of three ZnSe elements with or without protective window; they can reduce spot distortion and achieve more even spot size over the scanning field compared to SL1 and SL2. SL3 is used for finer CO2 laser applications like electronic micro processing. Lens adaptor for major scan head providers are available upon request.

F-theta scan lens F-theta Scan lens

SL3 Series - F-Theta Scan Lens 10.6um/9.4um

Part No. EFL (mm) Scan Field (mm) Input Beam (mm) Focus Spot Size (um) Scan Angle (±°) Thread M1-M2 WD (mm) Wavelength (um)
SL3-10.6-50-80 80.0 50x50 14.0 80.6 25.3 M85x1 14.0 88.0 10.6
SL3-10.6-50-100 100.0 50x50 25.0 80.5 20.6 M85x1 37.5 118.6 10.6
SL3-9.4-50-80W 80.0 50x50 14.0 82.0 25.0 M85x1 16.0 92.0 9.4
SL3-9.4-60-105Z 105.0 60x60 14.0 108.0 23.0 M55x1 14.0 130.6 9.4


Remark: The spot size is simulation result, it does not reflect the actual spot size on workpiece as the simulation does not consider the material properties and how the laser being absorbed during machining.