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Deep Focus Lens

Deep Focus lens is desinged for CO2/ YAG laser cutting and many other application.

By distributing a calculated fraction of the laser energy into a secondary (lower) focus, the lens provide faster, cleaner cuts, with easier initiation and the elimination of sub-surface dross.

Deep Focus lens also allow much thicker materials to be cut at a given laser power. Additional advantages come from the fact that assist gas requirements are significantly reduced.

How Does Deep Focus Lens Work?

A Deep Focus lens has two focal points. The inner portion of a laser beam is intercepted by a section of the lens, of diameter '2h', which has a longer focal length (FL) than the outer part of the lens. The 'basic focal length' is F. The difference in FL is ΔF.

This results is high energy density and increased localized temperature at both the upper and the lower foci.

Deep Focus Lens Deep Focus Lens
Part No. Material Diameter (inch) FL (inch) ET
LZDF-1-2.5/3.5-ET4 ZnSe 1.0 2.5/3.5 4
LZDF-1.1-5/7.5 ZnSe 1.1 5/7.5 4
LZDF-1.5-5/7.5/10 ZnSe 1.5 5/7.5/10 6/7.4
LZDF-2-5/7.5/10 ZnSe 2.0 5/7.5/10 8/9.6