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Beam Expander - High Power CO2 Laser

water cool beam expander

A laser beam expander is designed to increase the diameter of a collimated
output beam. It is used in the applications such as laser scanning, interferometer
and remote sensing. Contemporary beam expanders designs are afocal
systems that developed from well-established optical telescope fundamentals.
The objects rays enter fall to the optic axis of the internal optics and exit
parallel from the lens. There are no focal lengths to the system.

Water cool beam expander

BET-WC water cool beam expander series is developed for even higher power
CO2 laser >500W with consistence in outer dimension and water pipe connection.


Part No. Magnification Input CA (mm) Output CA (mm) Length (mm) Max. OD (mm)
BET0101.5-WC 1.5x 23.0 28.0 72.0 50.0
BET0102A-WC 2.0x 23.0 28.0 72.0 50.0
BET0102.5A-WC 2.5x 20.0 28.0 80.0 66.0
BET0103A-WC 3.0x 23.0 28.0 72.0 50.0
BET0104A-WC 4.0x 23.0 28.0 72.0 50.0
BET0105A-WC 5.0x 23.0 28.0 72.0 50.0
BET0106A-WC 6.0x 23.0 28.0 72.0 50.0
BET0107A-WC 7.0x 23.0 28.0 72.0 50.0
BET0108A-WC 8.0x 23.0 28.0 72.0 50.0
BET0110A-WC 10.0x 23.0 28.0 72.0 50.0