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Beam Expander - High Power CO2 Laser

Beam Expander

Beam expanders developed for CO2 laser are made of ZnSe material which has the highest transmission for CO2 laser. We provide a wide range of magnifications from 1x to 10x. With dedicated mechanical structure, the interenal lenses don't rotate during adjustment, which ensures the best alignment accuracy. Adjustable ring with scales makes it more convenient for user's operation.

Beam Expander



For collimation of CO2 laser>100W
Fixed magnifications 1.5x - 10x
Galilean Design
Adjustable divergence


UniBET Series - CO2 Beam Expander

UniBET series Beam expander are developed for higher power CO2 laser >100w without water cool. It has consistent outer dimension and connecting thread M30x1, UniBET seriesprovide customer convenience and wide range of fixed magnification of 1.5x-10x.

Part No. Magnification Input CA (mm) Output CA (mm) Max. OD (mm) Length (mm)
BET0101.5 1.5x 20.0 28.0 39.6 75.2
BET0102A 2.0x 20.0 28.0 39.6 75.0
BET0102.5 2.5x 20.0 28.0 39.6 75.6
BET0103A 3.0x 20.0 28.0 39.6 75.0
BET0104A 4.0x 20.0 28.0 39.6 75.0
BET0105A 5.0x 20.0 28.0 39.6 75.0
BET0106A 6.0x 20.0 28.0 39.6 75.0
BET0107A 7.0x 20.0 28.0 39.6 78.5
BET0108A 8.0x 20.0 30.0 39.6 75.0
BET0110A 10.0x 20.0 30.0 39.6 85.0

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