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Laser Attenuator

High power lasers require precise control of energy levels. The attenuator module is a compact accessory that accurately sets the energy transmitted while keeping the laser running under its more stable conditions and there is no beam displacement. The attenuator is suitable for input average power below 150 W. It had been industrial proven stability. Motorized laser attenuators are also available which is available based on the request. Of the laser beam, it can be operated manually.

Part No. Wavelength (nm) Input CA (mm) Transmission Variable Range
ATT-355 355 3 90%-10%
ATT-532 532 3 90%-10%
ATT-1064 1064 3 90%-10%
ATT-10600 10600 19 90%-10%

Laser AttenuatorLaser Attenuator

Working Principle:

The laser beam enters the attenuator module through a shutter. Then the laser beam hits the dielectrically coated attenuator plate. Some portion of the light is reflected and some is transmitted. The ratio between transmitted and reflected light is determined by the angle of incidence. The attenuator plate is rotated to vary the transmitted portion. The compensator plate is of the same thickness as the attenuator plate, but has an anti-reflection coating. This coating is insensitive to the angle of incidence. The compensator plate rotates simultaneously with the attenuator plate to eliminate any beam displacement. The light reflected from the attenuator plate is absorbed within the attenuator housing with a proper heat sink design. The attenuator module can be used for attenuation of most of the lasers as long as the laser beam is not compressed or focused. Typically, the attenuator module is the first optical component within a beam delivery system.