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Achromatic Waveplate

Achromatic waveplate (AWP) is similar to zero order waveplate except that the two plates are made from different birefringent crystals, such as crystal quartz and magnesium fluoride. Since the dispersion of the birefringence can be different for the two materials, it is possible to specify the retardation values at a wavelength range. From the curve, you can see that the bandwidth of such achromatic waveplate is very wide, while the achromatic waveplates remain a nearly constant retardance over a range of wavelength.

Acrhomatic Waveplate


Material: Quartz and MgF2
Wavelength bandwidth: 420-640nm
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0, -0.1
Wavefront distortion: λ/8@633nm
Retardation Tolerance: λ/100
Parallelism: <1 arc second
Surface Quality: 20-10 scratch/dig
Clear Aperture: Central 90%
AR coating: Ravg>1.5% at Central Wavelength
Standard Wavelength: VIS 465nm-650nm NIR650-1100nm IR1000-1750nm

Quarter Waveplate P/N# HalfWaveplate P/N# Diameter (mm) Mount Diameter (mm)
WPA-vis-10.0-4 WPA-vis-10.0-2 10.0
WPA-vis-10.0-4M WPA-vis-10.0-2M 10.0 12.
WP0-10.0-4 WP0-10.0-2 10.0
WPA-10.0-4 WPA-10.0-2 10.0
WPA-vis-12.7-4 WPA-vis-12.7-2 12.7
WPA-vis-12.7-4M WPA-vis-12.7-2M 12.7 25.
WPA-12.7-4 WPA-12.7-2 12.7
WP-IR-12.7-4 WP-IR-12.7-4 12.7
WP0-12.7-4 WP0-12.7-2 12.7
WPA-vis-15.0-4M WPA-vis-15.0-2M 15.0 25.
WPA-15.0-4 WPA-15.0-2 15.0
WP0-15.0-4 WP0-15.0-2 15.0
WPA-vis-15.0-4 WPA-vis-15.0-2 15.0
WPA-vis-20.0-4 WPA-vis-20.0-2 20.0
WPA-vis-20.0-4M WPA-vis-20.0-2M 20.0 25.
WPA-20.0-4 WPA-20.0-2 20.0
WP0-20.0-4 WP0-20.0-2 20.0
WP-IR-20.0-4 WP-IR-20.0-4 20.0
WPA-vis-25.4-4M WPA-vis-25.4-2M 25.4 30.
WPA-25.4-4 WPA-25.4-2 25.4
WP0-25.4-4 WP0-25.4-2 25.4
WPA-vis-25.4-4 WPA-vis-25.4-2 25.4
WPA-vis-30.0-4 WPA-vis-30.0-2 30.0
WPA-30.0-4 WPA-30.0-2 30.0
WP0-30.0-4 WP0-30.0-2 30.0
WPA-vis-30.0-4M WPA-vis-30.0-2M 30.0 38.

Q:Quarter Waveplates P/N
H:Half Waveplates P/N

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