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Focus Tunable Lenses

The biggest advantage of focus tunable lenses is the additional degree of freedom offered to optics designers by the focus tunability of the lens. A change in lens radius of several micrometers can have the same optical effect as moving the entire lens several centimeters. Optical systems can thus be designed more compact, oftentimes with less lenses and usually with less or no translational movement. This means that there is no more need for expensive mechanical actuators. Less movement also leads to a more robust design, which can be completely closed so that no dust can enter. Furthermore, the materials employed are all lighter than glass, saving overall weight. Less movement and weight also means less power consumption and that the response time of systems with tunable lenses can be very low, in the order of milliseconds. Another advantage becomes obvious during production. The fact that less optical parts are moved combined with the tunability of the radius during operation results in higher yield rates.

The following table summarizes the main specifications of currently available focus tunable lenses:

  Fast electrically tunable lens Manually tunable lens Manual condenser lens Manual condenser lens
ML-25-50 "Lumilens" ML-55-106 "Lumilens"
Size (ØxH)
30mm x 9.7mm 35mm x 8mm 50mm x 19mm 106mm x  50mm
Clear aperture
10mm 20mm 25mm 55mm
Lens Type
Plano convex Plano convex to plano concave Plano convex Plano convex
Focal length range
From +15 to +100mm From -40 to +40mm From +38mm
to infinity
From +92mm
to infinity
Refractive Index
1.300 or 1.599  1.300 or 1.599 1.300 1.300
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Optotune's lenses can be tailored to your specific demands in terms of size, tuning range, transmission range or speed. Tell us your requirements and we will be happy to assess the feasibility.