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3D Compact Digital Holoscope

It is simple, compact and powerful microscopy system for measuring microelectronics and mechanical systems, micro lens array, micro optics, micro fabrication process inspection and characterization with nanometer depth/height resolution. The novel features of this instrument are full field, 3D imaging and measurement of the samples in non-contact mode. It is not affected by the environmental vibration and phase curvature. Software is customizable to application. It is suitable for lab or industrial environment.

Holoscopy is the imaging approach combining digital holography full field Fourier domain optical coherence tomography. The interference pattern between the light scattered by a sample and defined reference wave is recorded digitally. By numerically processing of the recorded interference pattern, the back scattering field of the sample is reconstructed with diffraction limited lateral resolution over the whole measurement depth since the numerical refocusing overcomes the limitation of the focal depth. In-line digital holoscopy, which makes the efficient use of the full sensor area for image recording, is becoming a preferred choice of digital holoscopy.

Attractive Features:

Nanometric depth\height resolution
Full field analysis
Real-time measurement
Non-contact and non-invasive
Interactive software

3D Compact Digital Holoscope3D Compact Digital Holoscope3D Compact Digital Holoscope


CDH with stage
Field of view
4 mm
2 mm
User defined
Lateral resolution
10 μm
6 μm
System dependent
Axial resolution
10 nm
10 nm
10 nm
Dynamic characterization
1 MHz vibration frequency
1 MHz vibration frequency
1 MHz vibration frequency
Deformation sensitivity
1 nm
1 nm
1 nm
Dimensions (L×W×H)
55 mmx75mmx125mm
55 mmx75mmx125mm
Stage size dependent
Stage weight dependent
Sample requirement
Good reflective sample surfaces with sample surface < 300nm

Software Features

3D Compact Digital Holoscope3D Compact Digital Holoscope

User friendly
Realtime:Capture live hologram and reconstruct amplitude, phase and 3D image in real time.
Quantitative Phase analysis robust unwrapping, line profile analysis, color maps.
3D plot of sample and height\depth analysis.
Interferometric analysis–static and dynamic.


MEMS/Microsystems characterization

3D Inspection
Static and dynamic characterization
On line process monitoring
Surface roughness measurement

Characterization of Si wafers

Warpage measurement
Defect analysis
Non-destructive testing and inspection


Static and dynamic deformation analysis
Residual stress measurement
Micromechanics design and characterization