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Infrared Capability

Aspheric lens

Aspheric lens can be applied to reduce spherical aberration and other optical aberrations, especially in complex lens system, one single aspheric lens will replace multiple lenses, it will make optical system more compact and cost reduced. We provide aspheric lens made by crystal material ZnSe , ZnS, Ge, Si and glass material as well.

Specification Tolerance Comment
Diameter  Up to +0 / -.05mm  
Center thickness Up to ± .05mm  
Form error/Irregularity Up to 1 micron  
(peak to valley)  Up to 1/8 wave   
Base radius
(In addition to form error) *  
Up to 1 micron  * Tolerance given in terms of the sag difference across the aperture.
Centration Up to 1’    
Surface quality Up to 40/20  

Diffractive Lens

Diffractive lenses can be used to reduce the number of elements in conventional lens systems and eliminate the need for unusual materials in correcting chromatic aberrations.

Diffractive lenses are very thin elements with total depth height equal to λ/(n - 1), where λ is the operating wavelength and n is the index of refraction. A diffractive lens is composed of a series of zones that become finer towards the edge of the lens.