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Telecentric Scan Lens 9.4/10.6um


Telecentric scanning lenses are special configurations in which the arrangement of optics is designed to focus down the beam so that it is always perpendicular to the flat field. This is accomplished by ensuring that the system "stop" is located at the front focal point of the lens system. The "stop" is located at the position where the beam is deflected from the axis. In a single-axis scanning sustem, this location is at the scanning miroor. For two-axis scanning, the stop is mid-way between the mirrors. Adaptors for major scan head providers are available upon request.

Telecentric Scan lens Telecentric Scan lens

Telecentric Scan Lens - Co2 laser 9.4um/10.6um

Part No. EFL (mm) Scan Field (mm) Input Beam (mm) Focus Spot Size (um) Scan Angle (±°) Thread M1-M2 WD (mm) Window Size Wavelength (um)
TSL-9.4-50-75 75.0 50x50 20.0 73.2 28.0 M85x1 28.0 70.4 108x3 9.4
TSL-9.4-65-100 100.0 65x65 20.0 88.0 27.1 M85x1 28.0 109.9 128x3 9.4
TSL-9.4-70-120 120.0 70x70 20.0 104.0 24.0 M85x1 25.6 111.0 130x3 9.4
TSL-9.6-140ZA 140.0 70x70 15.0 127.5 20.5 M85x1 20.0 88.33 115x3 9.6
TSL-10.6-50-100G 100.0 50x50 25.0 57.3 20.5 M85x1 20.0 106.1 - 10.6
TSL-10.6-70-120 120.0 70x70 20.0 104.0 24.0 M85x1 25.6 111.0 130x3 10.6


Remark: The spot size is simulation result, it does not reflect the actual spot size on workpiece as the simulation does not consider the material properties and how the laser being absorbed during machining.